Personalised retreat

Through the Gateway – A Personalised Retreat

A personalised retreat programme for people who want to improve the quality of their lives.

The Problem

We all have initiations to go through or challenges to face in our lives and sometimes we need a more focused and ongoing form of support to move through them. We might be having difficulty growing older and need help to let go our identification with youth. Perhaps we suffered a loss and never quite got over it or we find we never have ‘enough time’ to do what you ‘really want’ or that we neglect our physical health, or conversely, only live in the material world and have no inner life.

We could have plenty of money to enjoy ourselves but find it hard to experience pleasure, or discover we’ve put all our eggs into our career basket and have now retired and cannot deal with having little to do. Maybe we are often lonely, anxious or depressed and we’ve never properly dealt with our emotional wounds and so the same psychological problems keep recurring… Or our relationships never work out and we don’t know why, or we simply wish to live in a more open-hearted way and discover a lifestyle that is more sustainable and conscious. Perhaps we just need a rest from a world that is becoming ever more stressful and crisis-filled.

Whatever your specific issues are, we will explore them together.

Personalised retreat

If you enrol on this programme, you are embarked on your own ‘Personalised Retreat’, custom made to your needs and where you have my full attention all day long. How long you stay (the least amount of time is four days and the most is ten) is decided by what you feel you require.

Central to the effectiveness of this retreat is that you will be living in my small but very comfortable farmhouse in Mallorca surrounded by nature and far away from the noise and chaos of big cities and where the only sounds you will hear are those of the sheep bells! It is important that we develop a closer connection with nature as it has much to reveal to us about our own nature. Please note that you may come either as an individual or as a couple. A parent may also come with a child and occasionally siblings do this retreat together.

Scenic Mallorca

What specifically happens in a typical day?

People get up at a time they find convenient (generally between 8am and 9am) and the day begins with an optional meditation under the carob tree. After a healthy breakfast, we ‘work’ together until lunchtime. After lunch you have a short siesta and depending upon the time of year, we will either go to a nearby beach or embark on a small hike in the mountains.

Our work together continues wherever we are, and being out in nature particularly offers the opportunity to go very deep. (Our time together can be just as fruitful driving in a car, sitting on a rock or conversing over dinner as it can be sitting in a room together.) In the evenings we either go out for dinner or we eat ‘at home’. All the meals at my house are home cooked with the freshest local produce and can be vegetarian or include fish and meat depending upon your preference.

The advantage of working in this intense way is that there is a continuity in the process without any interruptions from daily life and so nothing ‘gets lost’ in between sessions (as it can do in weekly psychotherapy). People often tell me tell me that issues they have spent many years struggling with, suddenly get resolved quite easily. Many come to the realisation that joy and well being is not associated with having more but with being more and that the answer to many of their problems lies in developing a deeper and more robust inner life. At the end of our time together you will leave with tools to help you continue your process. I am also happy to continue to support you on your journey with follow up Skype sessions and a one-hour session is included after the programme ends.

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How do I work?

I’m trained in different psychological and spiritual traditions, and use processes from these traditions, including dream work, guided visualisation and Buddhist meditation. But on the whole I prefer what transpires to be governed by what I intuitively feel is called for in the moment. I try to sense what direction your life is wanting to flow and to support you moving in that direction as opposed to seeking to impose my ‘own way’ upon you! As in my experience, many of us live in too small a part of ourselves and consequently suffer through our unawareness of other more expansive and creative dimensions to our nature, much of my work involves helping people to expand into these dimensions. I find most people require support in:

    • Letting go beliefs that hinder
    • Working through psychological obstacles that obscure
    • Discovering how to grow one’s soul life
  • Exploring how to relate to one’s work, money, recreation, relationships, etc through a more sustainable and life-enhancing lens

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Further Information

If you’re interested in a personalised retreat you can contact me on so that we can discuss everything in greater detail. Either we will meet in person or have a preparatory talk on the phone or on Skype so I can answer all your questions. I charge on a sliding scale from £900 to £750 depending on the arrangements. If you decide you would like to do this work, I will send you a simple questionnaire to fill in to help you clarify what your needs are and what you feel you would like out of the time we spend together.