Spiritual Retreats – Mallorcan Retreats

Spiritual Retreats

It is very important, at certain times in our lives, to retreat from the stresses and struggles of our ordinary, everyday lives. It enables us to reconnect with the deeper ground of our being – with the inner, creative and subtler dimensions of ourselves – that all too often we can lose touch with.

I like to do my spiritual retreats in Majorca because this island has great natural beauty and magic. Therefore enjoying the island – going for walks, visiting beaches, exploring sacred sites, going to the local market – is an integral part of the retreat program. Because retreats compel us to slow down and quieten ourselves, they enable us to connect more deeply with our hearts, which are the source of our ability to feel joy and abundance.

People discover that sharing a sacred space with kindred spirits is particularly nourishing and that old psychological blockages often fall away quite spontaneously. At the end of the week, people return home subtly refreshed and inspired, as well as armed with tools enabling them to live in a more expanded and empowered way.

The structure of Spiritual Retreats

The day begins with a morning meditation, after which we enjoy a healthy breakfast. We then come together as a group, and work all morning until lunch, which is light and generally vegetarian. Much of the afternoon is spent enjoying the island, before gathering for a late afternoon meditation, and a session before a large dinner. We have an excellent chef and wine is served with the meal. (If you have special dietary requirements, I need to know in advance). After dinner, we may meet again for an evening session. But on those two days of the week when we will eat out as a group, our festivities will continue all evening.

I like to do my retreats for a full week, so please arrange to arrive on Friday and depart Saturday. Both Easyjet and Ryanair offer frequent flights at reasonable prices if you book well in advance. You may want to rent a car to be more flexible in exploring the island. Look on the internet for the best offers.